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Interstellar Trading Cards

Welcome to earth! Please disregard our space garbage on the way in.  These masses of metal, plastic, and Styrofoam are what we consider to be cutting edge technology in terms of their functions, but look nothing like anything else we design ‘to be seen‘ in our world.

In the process of researching for these works, I was struck by the number of different kinds of satellites there are and how strange they all look in comparison with other things designed for the aeronautics field.  They are not sleek, aerodynamic, and modern looking.  Rather, they look like industrial air conditioners with a hodge podge of different colored wires, bright yellow insulation and asymmetrical appendages sticking out of every direction. Our contemporary lifestyle is wound so tightly around satellite technology, but they are taken for granted so much so that their existence is virtually invisible to our daily dialogue.

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